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Upholstery barcelona is made up of upholstery technicians, experts in the textile industry and the furniture sector, with extensive experience in the range of upholstered products such as: Armchairs, Classic and Modern sofas, chairs, Stools, Talaretes, Chairs with grid, Canapés, Rocking chairs, Stools, Feet, Custom headsboards for beds, upholstered Buttons, Upholstery with Capitoné, Dressmaking of Curtains, Cushions, Mattresses, Bedding and Tailored covers, Reed marrow, Custom Puffs, Upholstered corner furniture, Upholstered panels, Walls and Upholstered doors.

Restored and upholstered with high quality materials available in Barcelona, ​​suitable for each sector, complying with current standards of quality, safety and hygiene.

Upholstered perfect for Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Hotel Complexes, Hostels, Dental Centers, Hospitals, Residences, Offices, Coworking Centers, Clothing Store, Commercial, Schools, specialized upholstery for gyms, Sports Centers, Leisure Centers, Cultural Associations, Floors and houses.

Servijaam provides all its clients with an integral and personalized service in each project, making the measurements by moving directly to the client’s home or business. It is in charge of the presentation of the service and of the advice on the samples of the fabrics, either in natural leather, synthetic leather or textile. Once the project is accepted, the materials, tools and other necessary measures for the installation / placement of the work are moved.

If you want to restore, repair, make, change the color and design of any upholstered product, upholstered furniture or just want to make a new and customized Servijaam can do it for you.

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The customer contacts servijaam by:
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Upholstery barcelona servijaam will contact you to confirm the visit and start your project.
Then you will not have to travel or perform any management until the time of payment and delivery of work.
At upholstery barcelona Servijaam we are happy to assist you, we will look for the best solution for your idea, we will accompany you and make things easy for you so that you do not have to invest your time in searching or consulting other data, in the end let’s achieve have an excellent with us and share servijaam with your friends and family.
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